RSS Feed Analysis

On this page you can find an analysis of the feeds included on the My RSS Feeds page. I will discuss each different category of feed, where and how I found it, what I like about it, the information it provides, and how relevant I find it to be to the position.

News Search Feeds

I used both Bloglines post search and Google News search to create RSS feeds that searched a large quantity of news sites for information about Southeast Michigan transit. The problem I ran into with Bloglines was that the search query I had it set up for quickly became over ran by articles about the bail out after I set it up. I later remedied this problem by creating a Googles News search to find articles about regional transit that excluded anything about the Big 3 or the bail out. I kept the Blogline feed on there because I am able to collapse it to avoid seeing the stories from it, but I am interested to see if it will return to being useful after news about the automotive industry starts to die down (if it ever does!). I also made sure that I set up feeds for the individual transit systems because they are very focused search queries and the stories they return have a high relevance rate because the query references things as specific as the Detroit Department of Transportation. I think this is probably the best resource on my entire site because there are so many different plans for the area right now, and keeping track of all of the new news can be difficult. In a position at SEMCOG, it is important that you are up on all of the regional news so that you can have the best understanding of what the appropriate plan of action will be to ensure that these systems get off of the ground.

Advanced Search Feeds

A fantastic resource for you to use is going to be a combination of local news papers and a service called Yahoo! Pipes. Basically, you do not have time to sift through the myriad of articles that these sources produce, and must instead focus in on the articles that relate to regional transportation. For the Southeast Michigan News Sources pipe I created, I compiled all of the RSS feeds put out by important news sources for the region (The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, The Ann Arbor News (via [ WXYZ Detroit, and WDIV Detroit) and made sure that I am only returned stories about transportation. Play around with this tool to create searches to your liking, especially as transit projects get off of the ground and new queries emerge like individual stations, track issues, and ridership statistics.

Pre-set Feeds

The only pre-set feed I found to be useful as-is was one provided by the Detroit People Mover. It is updated rather infrequently, but I can rest assured that when it is, I will see the stories right away in my feed reader!

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