Research Notes

Update 1

This is where I will begin to track my research progress. Thus far I have hopefully arrived at a topic: Economic Development in Southeast Michigan from the prospective of a Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) employee.

I have began to employ the usage of new search query toos like "site:___" in my personal searching and am finding it to really give me more relevant results.

Update 2

Going back and doing old excercises in order to have proper documentation for final due date and second due date.

Google Search

Query: "Southeast Michigan Economic Development"

Relevant results:

Query: michgan "* county" "economic development" -by

Relevant results:

Using Yahoo! directory: (Detroit Metropolitan Area directory)

Update 3


Relevant results:,

Using Yahoo! directory: (Detroit Metropolitan Area directory)

Update 4

So, I need to get in my background information some useful sites to check out about transit plans for Southeast Michigan. This is going to be a difficult task because there are a million different ones, and I know some of them, but a lot of them don't have names and are just ideas so I need to develop reasonable searches.

List of what I know:

  • City of Detroit Woodward Light Rail Plan
  • Ann Arbor-Detroit rail, with connection to the Detroit Airport
  • Greater Southeast Michigan light rail concepts
  • New boarder crossings with Canada and the different proposals

I also need information about highway/road news and industrial transit news in Southeast Michigan, both of which I know little about.

City of Detroit Woodward Light Rail Plan
Google Search Query: Woodward "light rail" "City of Detroit" plan
Text: "An intensive 18-month technical review that is following guidelines established by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) New Starts Program concludes a light rail line along eight miles on Woodward Avenue from Downtown to the Michigan State Fairgrounds near Eight Mile Road is the best alternative to build the starter line for a regional rapid transit system in the Detroit area.
The Alternatives Analysis study—known as the Detroit Transit Options for Growth Study (DTOGS) project—is the first step in the Federal funding process to build a rapid transit system in the Detroit area. The project will now transition into the preliminary engineering phase."

New search on same topic
Google Search Query: "Detroit Transit Options for Growth Study"
Summary: Result of DTOGS, actual plan for Woodward Light Rail Transit (LRT)
List of other things to look into:

  • No Build Alternative
  • Transportation System Management Alternative
  • Bus Rapid Transit Alternative
  • Fixed Guideway Alternative (light rail transit, streetcar, peoplemover, heavy rail, etc.)

Ann Arbor-Detroit Rail
Google Search Query: "Ann Arbor" Detroit "Metro Airport" "commuter rail"
Summary: Page from SEMCOG itself on the Ann Arbor-Detroit rail study with good amount of information, including a video

Update 5 put a page watcher on this.

Update 6

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