Page Monitors

A page monitor can be set to capture the changes in a given web page so that you don't have to keep going back and checking for new information and you won't miss out on any new information released. In working with government, this can be an especially useful tool to track certain government websites that might be updated on a semi-regular basis, but perhaps do not have an RSS feed set up. The following are the page monitors I found helpful in this position.

The first page I set to watch was the SEMCOG Public Notices page. I know that we are part of SEMCOG as the transit panel, but perhaps you won't have time during your busy day trying to find a solution to fix Detroit's transit woes to stop and check the Public Notices page everyday to make sure you are totally informed on what SEMCOG is up to. By using this page monitor, you insure that you are always up-to-date on the notices, but can also spend your time doing more important and relevant things than visiting the SEMCOG website. This also applies to the SEMCOG Programs and Projects page, which I also have a monitor set for. This could be important to your position if you have an important press release to post to the website, and you want to make sure that the web management team is keeping things updated.

Finally, the arm of the Detroit Department of Transportation that is working on the Woodward Avenue Light Rail Project has their own website set up. This website has proven to be full of information about the project, which could be a game changer for Southeast Michigan transit. This a very important topic for you to be well read on so I have set up a page monitor for their news page. You should make sure you are caught up on everything on their website to date and after that you can rely on this page monitor to keep you informed.

WatchThatPage Update to the SEMCOG Public Notices Page
WatchThatPage Update to the SEMCOG Programs and Projects

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