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The transit panel of SEMCOG plays an important role in the lives of the over one million people that call the Southeast Michigan region home. This area is home to Metropolitan Detroit, one of the largest urban areas in the United States and also a hub of industry and international transit. However, the fact that Detroit is the "Motor City" has resulted in a regional culture where car is king.

Let this site serve as a resource for you to stay informed, learn effective ways to use technology, and keep track of relevant information. I have included on this page my blog, RSS feeds, e-mail alerts, and page monitors. Additionally, I have set up a very convenient way for you to keep track of important news. Simply copy and paste relevant articles onto a news page (more information here) and you can view them all on the show all page, as well as the running table directly to the write of this paragraph. Additionally, there is background information on both current systems and current transit plans in Southeast Michigan.


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08 Dec 2008 11:05 Last-minute push underway for transportation development proposal
It looks like state leaders might pass a bill that would allow for the funding of some of the current transit plans in the Southeast Michigan region. Note the statistics cited by the Governor that highlight the benefits of improved public transportation in Michigan. The original can be found here.
08 Dec 2008 10:57 New bus route will take riders from downtown Ann Arbor to Amtrak station
Ann Arbor's public transportation system finally links to the Amtrak station that lies just north of the City's downtown district. According to this article, it looks as though this new bus route might also be being added in anticipation of a commuter rail link between Ann Arbor and her northern suburbs. The original can be found here.
08 Dec 2008 10:51 Transit takes center stage in Detroit mayoral debate
As Detroit searches for a new mayor, it seems that one issue that all three candidates agree upon is that regional transit in Southeast Michigan must be consolidated. This opinion piece details why it only make sense that political leaders in the area try to find some common ground and develop transit that everyone could benefit from. You can read the original here.
18 Nov 2008 03:08 Patterson faces different landscape in Oakland County
This article is an update to one I posted before about the race for Oakland County Executive. Although not directly transit related, incumbent elect L. Brooks Patterson has been a strong voice opposed to using public money to develop light rail in Southeast Michigan. Does the changing political landscape of Oakland County require that Mr. Patterson reevaluate his opinions on public spending? This article seems to suggest that it does. The original can be accessed here.
18 Nov 2008 02:59 Rail line stops sketched in
It finally seems like reliable transit connecting Ann Arbor, Metro Airport, and the City of Detroit is becoming a reality. This article details the proposed stops for the line that officials hope will become part of a larger regional system. The original can be found here.
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